Why the Mormon Church Should Process my QuitMormon Resignation Without Delay

You don’t want the Bishop to learn what I know

Jeffrey Hughes
5 min readMar 28, 2020
Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

Today I submitted my resignation from the Mormon church through Quitmormon.com. I’m so glad lawyer Mark Naugle is volunteering his time to help people like me submit our resignations. The fact that we need a lawyer to get a worldwide church to do some paperwork for us is evidence that we are in a cult.

Honestly, besides the feeling of finality that comes with hitting “submit,” what makes me upset is the thought of church leaders contacting me and trying to talk me out of my decision — as if I haven’t thought and agonized about this for years.

Ever since my brother left the church while I was on a mission, I’ve wondered why someone I love and respect so much, who has been a mentor figure for me for years, would make this decision. My mission ended in 2013. That’s… 7 years ago.

I’ve thought about this since I read the CES Letter in 2015. I’ve read countless blog articles, listened to hundreds of hours of podcasts, many books, and read and reread the church’s apologetics. I’ve considered arguments from both sides. I’ve seen clearly that the “apostates” are mostly honest, and the apologists for the church are squirrely, deceptive, and disingenuous.