Circumcision Is Just Membership In An Old Boy’s Club

The Ancient Order of the Foreskin

Jeffrey Hughes
5 min readMar 15, 2019


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Imagine that you’ve been transported to a dystopian universe where amputating a part of your penis will open doors to success.

You’re sitting in a job interview answering all of the hiring manager’s questions. You’re building rapport. The interviewer smiles at you, and then she says, “OK. One last question. Are you circumcised?”

“I’m sorry?” You ask.

“Everyone goes through this screening process, and no one else has had a problem with it. You do want the job, don’t you?”

You stare at the interviewer in shock. “What does my penis have to do with this job?”

“Everything of course. We want to make sure that we hire people who will be a good fit with our company culture. All of our male employees are circumcised. We make an effort to be sure that they are a part of the covenant people of God and that they are living good lives.”

“Of course, I’ll need to see it for myself,” she says.

You find it difficult to focus on anything but what she’s asking you to do. “Just so we’re clear, you want me to show you my penis?”

“Yes,” she says, like you’re slow.

“Alright then.” You partially undress yourself and wait while the MILF looks at your dick.

You try not to make eye contact.

“Everything looks good here.” She smiles, and walks back to sit behind her desk.

Everything is perfectly normal.

Since the beginning of time, people have been putting themselves into categories of Us vs. Them.

Skin color. Clothing. Language. Accent. Hairstyle. Socioeconomic status. Gender. Sexual orientation. Religion.

Why do we do this?

In the time before writing, it was a good idea to know who was a member of your tribe. They’re less likely to kill you. They’re probably related to you. They will help you get food and shelter.

A stranger could be a threat.

This is why tribes developed easy ways of distinguishing membership. Differences in appearance are the easiest…



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