Mormon’s don’t like to talk about the temple because it’s weird

There’s a lot of secrecy about what happens inside Mormon temples. This secrecy is self-imposed, as Mormons are specifically instructed during the endowment to not discuss what happens inside the temple after they leave.

This leads to a lot of speculation about what the Mormons are hiding. Is it sex?

The Ancient Order of the Foreskin — Toxic Patriarchy at its Weirdest

Imagine that you’ve been transported to a dystopian universe where amputating a part of your penis will open doors to success.

You’re sitting in a job interview answering all of the hiring manager’s questions. You’re doing really well, actually. The interviewer smiles at you, and then she looks down at…

Censorship doesn’t help anyone find the truth

From 1970-1915, Boyd K. Packer was an Apostle in the Mormon church, serving for 7 years as the acting president of the Quorum of the Twelve. During that time, Mormons sustained him as a prophet, seer, and revelator.

Prior to this, he worked in various administrative positions in the Church…

Jeffrey Hughes

Slaying codependency and winning my own heart

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